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Basic structure

import re
from pygments.lexer import RegexLexer, include, bygroups, using, this, default, words, DelegatingLexer
from pygments.lexers.asm import NasmLexer
from pygments.util import get_bool_opt
from pygments.token import Text, Comment, Operator, Keyword, Name, String, Number, Punctuation, Error, Other
__all__ = ['CAsmLexer']
class CWithAsmBlockLexer(RegexLexer):
For C source code with preprocessor directives.
#: optional Comment or Whitespace
_ws = r'(?:\s|//.*?\n|/[*].*?[*]/)+'
# The trailing ?, rather than *, avoids a geometric performance drop here.
#: only one /* */ style comment
_ws1 = r'\s*(?:/[*].*?[*]/\s*)?'
tokens = {
'whitespace': [
# preprocessor directives: without whitespace
(r'^#if\s+0', Comment.Preproc, 'if0'),
('^#', Comment.Preproc, 'macro'),
# or with whitespace
('^(' + _ws1 + r')(#if\s+0)',
bygroups(using(this), Comment.Preproc), 'if0'),
('^(' + _ws1 + ')(#)',
bygroups(using(this), Comment.Preproc), 'macro'),
(r'\n', Text),
(r'\s+', Text),
(r'\\\n', Text), # line continuation
(r'//(\n|[\w\W]*?[^\\]\n)', Comment.Single),
(r'/(\\\n)?[*][\w\W]*?[*](\\\n)?/', Comment.Multiline),
# Open until EOF, so no ending delimeter
(r'/(\\\n)?[*][\w\W]*', Comment.Multiline),
'statements': [
(r'(L?)(")', bygroups(String.Affix, String), 'string'),
bygroups(String.Affix, String.Char, String.Char, String.Char)),
(r'(\d+\.\d*|\.\d+|\d+)[eE][+-]?\d+[LlUu]*', Number.Float),
(r'(\d+\.\d*|\.\d+|\d+[fF])[fF]?', Number.Float),
(r'0x[0-9a-fA-F]+[LlUu]*', Number.Hex),
(r'0[0-7]+[LlUu]*', Number.Oct),
(r'\d+[LlUu]*', Number.Integer),
(r'\*/', Error),
(r'[~!%^&*+=|?:<>/-]', Operator),
(r'[()\[\],.]', Punctuation),
(words(('auto', 'break', 'case', 'const', 'continue',
'default', 'do', 'else', 'enum', 'extern', 'for', 'goto',
'if', 'register', 'restricted', 'return', 'sizeof',
'static', 'struct', 'switch', 'typedef', 'union',
'volatile', 'while'),
suffix=r'\b'), Keyword),
(words(('inline', '_inline', '__inline', 'naked', 'restrict',
'thread', 'typename'), suffix=r'\b'), Keyword.Reserved),
# Vector intrinsics
(r'(__m(128i|128d|128|64))\b', Keyword.Reserved),
# Microsoft-isms
'asm', 'int8', 'based', 'except', 'int16', 'stdcall', 'cdecl',
'fastcall', 'int32', 'declspec', 'finally', 'int64', 'try',
'leave', 'wchar_t', 'w64', 'unaligned', 'raise', 'noop',
'identifier', 'forceinline', 'assume'),
prefix=r'__', suffix=r'\b'), Keyword.Reserved),
(r'(true|false|NULL)\b', Name.Builtin),
(r'([a-zA-Z_]\w*)(\s*)(:)(?!:)', bygroups(Name.Label, Text, Punctuation)),
(r'(asm)\s*({)([^}]*)(})', bygroups(Keyword, Punctuation, Other, Punctuation)),
(r'[a-zA-Z_]\w*', Name),
'root': [
# functions
(r'((?:[\w*\s])+?(?:\s|[*]))' # return arguments
r'([a-zA-Z_]\w*)' # method name
r'(\s*\([^;]*?\))' # signature
bygroups(using(this), Name.Function, using(this), using(this),
# function declarations
(r'((?:[\w*\s])+?(?:\s|[*]))' # return arguments
r'([a-zA-Z_]\w*)' # method name
r'(\s*\([^;]*?\))' # signature
bygroups(using(this), Name.Function, using(this), using(this),
'statement': [
('[{}]', Punctuation),
(';', Punctuation, '#pop'),
'function': [
(';', Punctuation),
(r'\{', Punctuation, '#push'),
(r'\}', Punctuation, '#pop'),
'string': [
(r'"', String, '#pop'),
r'u[a-fA-F0-9]{4}|U[a-fA-F0-9]{8}|[0-7]{1,3})', String.Escape),
(r'[^\\"\n]+', String), # all other characters
(r'\\\n', String), # line continuation
(r'\\', String), # stray backslash
'macro': [
(r'(include)(' + _ws1 + r')([^\n]+)',
bygroups(Comment.Preproc, Text, Comment.PreprocFile)),
(r'[^/\n]+', Comment.Preproc),
(r'/[*](.|\n)*?[*]/', Comment.Multiline),
(r'//.*?\n', Comment.Single, '#pop'),
(r'/', Comment.Preproc),
(r'(?<=\\)\n', Comment.Preproc),
(r'\n', Comment.Preproc, '#pop'),
'if0': [
(r'^\s*#if.*?(?<!\\)\n', Comment.Preproc, '#push'),
(r'^\s*#el(?:se|if).*\n', Comment.Preproc, '#pop'),
(r'^\s*#endif.*?(?<!\\)\n', Comment.Preproc, '#pop'),
(r'.*?\n', Comment),
stdlib_types = {
'size_t', 'ssize_t', 'off_t', 'wchar_t', 'ptrdiff_t', 'sig_atomic_t', 'fpos_t',
'clock_t', 'time_t', 'va_list', 'jmp_buf', 'FILE', 'DIR', 'div_t', 'ldiv_t',
'mbstate_t', 'wctrans_t', 'wint_t', 'wctype_t'}
c99_types = {
'_Bool', '_Complex', 'int8_t', 'int16_t', 'int32_t', 'int64_t', 'uint8_t',
'uint16_t', 'uint32_t', 'uint64_t', 'int_least8_t', 'int_least16_t',
'int_least32_t', 'int_least64_t', 'uint_least8_t', 'uint_least16_t',
'uint_least32_t', 'uint_least64_t', 'int_fast8_t', 'int_fast16_t', 'int_fast32_t',
'int_fast64_t', 'uint_fast8_t', 'uint_fast16_t', 'uint_fast32_t', 'uint_fast64_t',
'intptr_t', 'uintptr_t', 'intmax_t', 'uintmax_t'}
linux_types = {
'clockid_t', 'cpu_set_t', 'cpumask_t', 'dev_t', 'gid_t', 'id_t', 'ino_t', 'key_t',
'mode_t', 'nfds_t', 'pid_t', 'rlim_t', 'sig_t', 'sighandler_t', 'siginfo_t',
'sigset_t', 'sigval_t', 'socklen_t', 'timer_t', 'uid_t'}
def __init__(self, **options):
self.stdlibhighlighting = get_bool_opt(options, 'stdlibhighlighting', True)
self.c99highlighting = get_bool_opt(options, 'c99highlighting', True)
self.platformhighlighting = get_bool_opt(options, 'platformhighlighting', True)
RegexLexer.__init__(self, **options)
def get_tokens_unprocessed(self, text, stack=('root',)):
for index, token, value in \
RegexLexer.get_tokens_unprocessed(self, text):
if token is Name:
if self.stdlibhighlighting and value in self.stdlib_types:
token = Keyword.Type
elif self.c99highlighting and value in self.c99_types:
token = Keyword.Type
elif self.platformhighlighting and value in self.linux_types:
token = Keyword.Type
yield index, token, value
name = 'C'
aliases = ['c']
filenames = ['*.c', '*.h', '*.idc']
mimetypes = ['text/x-chdr', 'text/x-csrc']
priority = 0.1
# noinspection PyMethodParameters
def analyse_text(text: str):
if'^\s*#include [<"]', text, re.MULTILINE):
return 0.1
if'^\s*#ifn?def ', text, re.MULTILINE):
return 0.1
class CAsmLexer(DelegatingLexer):
def __init__(self, **options):
super(CAsmLexer, self).__init__(NasmLexer, CWithAsmBlockLexer, **options)
from setuptools import setup, find_packages
casmlexer = casmlexer.lexer:CAsmLexer
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